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Freedom seeker “Ramsey” is in MONGOLIA … “Ramsey” brand has been noted in London during 1970’s. About 5000 clothes are manufactured a day at two big factories in Europe. RAMSEY reflects the lifestyle of its customers in their style of clothing with high quality materials processing, so you always perfect and elegant!

Whilst “Ramsey” brand shopping center was opened in 2001 in Regend Street, London, today “Ramsey” is available to its clients through 130 shops in over 20 countries such as Russian Federation, Switzerland, Czech, Turkey, South Africa, Georgia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The main rule of RAMSEY – full compliance with the highest standards of quality based on the needs of our customers. Besides participating in the fashion and fabric fairs, the designers develop the Ramsey brand serial collections by using the state-of-the-art technology.

Along with the expansion of “Ramsey London” in 2007, the brands “Ramsey Sartoria” and “Ramsey Made-to-Measure” were recognized by the public. Today the men tend to wear casual and fashionable clothes every day instead of suits. Reflecting such change in their production line, “Ramsey” brand has developed “Ramsey Sport” in 2009 and “Onyx Ramsey” in 2010.


“Jiguur Grand” Group has been working as an official distributor of “Ramsey” brand in Mongolia since October 2010 and operating “Ramsey” brand shop on the 2nd floor of Grand Plaza Complex. Since the “Ramsey” brand shop is supplied with new arrivals of “Ramsey” brand, we invite you, dear clients to Grand Plaza Complex.  


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